Why I Travel

I live in a bubble: a custom, made-to-order bubble that I lug around with me everyday. My bubble is familiar. It protects me. Like a pair of jeans, it only fits the person that I am now. As long as I do not grow, my bubble will not pop. Likewise, if my bubble does not pop, it means I have not grown. 

I step outside of it and I am humbled. The world is loud and chaotic, even relentless at times. But without my shield, I am forced to be more self-aware, mindful, understanding & balanced. So it's no surprise why traveling is so irresistible - when we are exposed, we become the best possible version of ourselves. So much so that we even want to spend more time with ourselves.

We are risk takers and care takers all at once - allowing our head and our heart to guide us harmoniously . All of a sudden, we appreciate getting lost in an unfamiliar place. Our intuition leads us to befriend strangers. And now our only fears are the risks we don't take. It's this duality that helps us grow. We are so in tune when the bubble isn't there to deflect the noise. Positive and negative vibrations are uninterrupted, making it easier to discern between the two. We are in tune with ourselves and our desires. But also in tune to the world around us.

When I think back to all my travels, my memories are so vivid. More vivid than any day I've had with my bubble embracing me. I can remember the way the air feels on my skin, the saltiness of the sea, the buzzing of the towns and the weight of the earth beneath my feet. I remember every detail because I am paying attention. What starts as a survival tactic to simply "be aware of my surroundings," results in a far greater reward - the sense of feeling truly ALIVE. 

And the best part is that when I do finally go home, I've grown - my heart is fuller and my perspective more encompassing. So when I grab my bubble wand to enclose myself once again, I must include more of the world inside, to fit the new and expansive me.


Con amor y alegría,


Jacqueline Gephart