Meet Jack Antal

We are stoked to be jet setting with this seriously rad human once again. Joining us for our Higher Vibrations retreat this Spring is the oh-so talented Jack Antal. A 24 year old surfer from San Diego, California, Jack's eye for photography is as keen as his waterman's intuition. In yoga, we are constantly practicing this notion of slowing down, being still, and savoring the present moment. So it's no coincidence that Jack's photos symbolize just that - bringing yoga to life in a whole new light. 

Let Jack capture YOUR rad•ventures!

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Saint Lucia

May 13th - 18th


Through Jack's lens

Favorite travel destination?

Pai, Thailand

Most memorable wave? 

It's hard to pinpoint my most memorable wave, but my most memorable session was without a doubt July 2017 at Witches Rock in Costa Rica. I was with a couple local guys down there... I could hardly speak good enough Spanish to keep up with the conversation, but we all scored an insane day. It was stormy, eerie, pouring rain, the waves were overhead and the water was sheet glass. Trading off waves with these awesome people in such a crazy place was really something special. I felt like I was so far away from home and so far from being comfortable, but it was the most beautiful and powerful experience in the ocean that I've ever had. Definitely a session I will never forget.

Your photography style in three words: 

Differentiated. Complex. Nostalgic.