Surfing With Amigos - Máncora, Perú

At first a yoga retreat sounded a bit out of my wheelhouse but my intuition told me to take the plunge and I am so glad I went. Personally, I had only done about 10-15 yoga classes before this trip. Don’t let your limited yoga experience prevent you from such an adventure. Jax went out of her way to ensure all levels of yogis were challenged and properly guided. The experiences and friendships I can take away from this adventure surpassed my expectations. Remember a trip like this isn’t strictly yoga classes. We had free time to submerse ourselves in the local cultures, foods, and lifestyle of where we traveled. After this trip I move forward in my day-to-day life with a broader outlook on everything. I feel inspired, more productive, positive, and healthy! Get out of your comfort zone a bit and book your next trip, it will change your life.



BOHO + FLOW - Channel Islands Beach, CA

Words cannot truly depict the Boho retreat that was created. The choice in location was absolutely lovely and unforgettable. However way beyond that, I felt nourished down to my cells. I have been a health nut and vegan for five years now and yet Jax created such beautifully crafted, simple meals that empowered me to step farther forward in my physical performance. I have not felt so healthy and refreshed in my entire life. Thank you not only for such wonderful meals throughout my stay but also for helping me take the ideas home into my family’s kitchen. The women who attended the Boho retreat were so special and unique.. what I found to be necessary for my soul. The way they laid out the yoga, playtime and bonding experiences- we all created a relationship that will never be forgotten. It was as though for the first time in my life, I felt completely held and supported. I cried and laughed the happiest tears. My heart was overflowing by the end of the weekend together and from what I saw; everyone’s was. We all needed that time together and I am forever grateful for Pa’lante Yoga Retreats and CANNOT WAIT for the next one!



Higher Vibrations - Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia

We first met Megan on our Surfing With Amigos retreat in Perú in 2018. In 2019, we were honored to reunite with her for our Higher Vibrations retreat in St. Lucia. A month after the returning home from paradise, she wrote to us and said,“When I’m having a bad day, I really just go back and think of this time and that magical place.” Thank you Megan for reminding us to carry the good vibes with us everywhere we go. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2020! :)



Surfing With Amigos - Máncora, Perú

The biggest beauty of my time on the Pa'lante Surfing with Amigos retreat in Peru goes beyond the gorgeous beach house, exciting location, and all the yoga, as incredible as all of this was. What's more is all that I brought back home with me—a whole host of new friendships, a feeling of refreshment, and renewed commitment to my health… spiritually, physically, nutritionally, and relationally with both others and myself. The whole Pa'lante Yoga team will take care of your needs and deliver an exceptional experience from the weeks leading up to your retreat, through the integration of your retreat experience into your everyday life. They'll take genuine care in supporting you through a safe, challenging, and educational yoga experience, holding space for intentional conversation, reflection, and meditation, and ensuring there's a whole lot of organic fun to be had in the times in-between. Take the plunge, you'll thank yourself later!



BOHO + FLOW - Channel Islands Beach, CA

I had a beautiful time at Pa'lante Yoga's BOHO + FLOW retreat. From the very beginning, every detail was lovingly cared for by Jax, from delicious, nourishing food, excellent yoga sessions, a gorgeous setting, surprise and delight moments, and the opportunity to get to know the other guests in a cozy, comfortable setting to the backdrop of a perfect playlist. The yoga was great, with a good variety of styles provided by several instructors, and always seemed like the perfect blend of strength vs. restorative for the time of day, with a light hit of spirituality that helped me to tune into my body and really appreciate the beautiful beach surroundings. It's clear that nurturing others comes naturally to Jax, and she puts her whole heart and soul into making these retreats the most amazing, uplifting experiences for everyone who joins.